For the best possible fit, we highly recommend getting to know the good people at your local running and walking footwear store. They'll be able to watch you walk or run to determine what type of shoe, support or neutral, best suits the way your body moves.
Looking for online help? Try our newly improved Shoe Finder. The process is easy and rooted in our extensive biomechanical research. Get ready for the most personalized online running shoe recommendations, ever.
Some tips on finding the right Brooks shoe for you:
Brooks running shoes are categorized into the following experiences to help runners fine-tune each run. Each experience offers both support and neutral options to ensure everybody can run their own unique way. Browse each category or use our Shoe Finder to guide your exploration.

Cushion: Soft and protective to cushion your every step.
Energize: Responsive and springy to add extra lift to your stride.
Connect: Lightweight and flexible to naturally feel your run.
Speed: Fast and streamlined to propel you through your run.

Our Customer Service team is also available to answer your questions or help you refine your search. Email us here or call 1-800-227-6657.