Run Signature is the Brooks philosophy on how we design, create and merchandise our footwear. In the past, our industry believed there was one right way to run. Our extensive research shows this to be untrue. There is only your way to run.
Armed with this knowledge, Brooks starts with the runner. We assess how each body naturally wants to run by looking at five different points of motion. This tells us how to keep them in their path of least resistance. We can then recommend neutral or support shoes to maximize their personal comfort.
But just as revolutionary as our science is our effort to empower every runner to choose how he or she wants to experience the run. Soft and protective? Responsive and springy? Fast and dynamic? Or light and flexible. Almost everyone will find a biomechanical match in each of our experience categories, creating the most personalized running experience, ever.

With more choice, we’ve made it easier for runners to find their favorite shoe.